KW-P5 (5Tons/day) Plate Ice Machine

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KW-P5 (5Tons/day) Plate Ice Machine
Daily capacity: 5 ton/24h Power form: 220/380V,60hz,3p or 380/415V,50hz,3p Refrigerant:R22 or R404a Plate ice thickness: 10-15mm Cooling way: water cooling

Kingwell KW-P5 (5 tons/day) Plate Ice Machine

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Features of Plate Ice:

Plate ice is a kind of irregular sheet ice with about 40×40mm~80×80mm in size, and 10 mm~15mmin thickness. The thickness can be adjusted according to ice-making time withthe maximum gauge being 25mm. Plate ice is a kind of thick and transparent ice which has good air permeability and a long shelf life.

Kingwell plate ice machine is widely used for:

1 .Aquatic product processing,cooling,preserving and transportation
2.Chemical projects and dye cooling and temperature reduction
3. Cooling, temperature reduction and preservation, etc.

The advantage of Kingwell plate ice machine :

1. Easy operation: Stable capacity, PLC Program control, only need to select the capacity,other procedures will be automatically finished under PLC program control , no need special human to monitor.


2. Quality advantage: Reasonable falling film plate structure design with stainless steel 304 materials, low maintenance, and no mechanical fault can guarantee the long life working design.

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3. Widely application and competitive price : Water source of plate ice machine can be either fresh water or seawater, ,mainly used for food process, pelagic fishery and transportation.

4. Energy saving : Kingwell plate ice machine has only 60KWH per ton for power consumption. Energy-saving rate reach more than 30% down, it's with great economic value.

5.Reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency: We can design the high quality ice screw conveyor for you to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency .

For our KW-P series plate ice machines , we have different capacity models for your choice, we can custom made as per your requests!

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